Curriculum Vitae
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE)
ProHealth Lab: Informatics East 255
918 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47401

Technical Skills

Python, Shell Scripting, Linux/Unix, C, Racket, Git, Continuous Integration (CI), Sphinx Documentation


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Health Informatics
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Computer Science
Security Informatics Minor, Class of 2017, GPA: 3.5 Cumulative
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Work Experience

The University of Texas at Dallas Department of Computer Science, Richardson, TX

  • Teaching Assistant (August 2018 — Present)

    • Fall 2018 – Automata Theory – CS 4384.001
  • Research AssistantStARLinG Lab (May 2018 — August 2018)

    • Extended the lab’s open source tool for converting raw text into relational facts. Rewrote the software so it could be used as a command-line tool or as an imported Python package. Released the software as rnlp.
    • Documented, unit tested, and ensured correctness of a Python port of Relational Functional Gradient Boosting (
  • Teaching Assistant (August 2017 — May 2018)

    • Spring 2018 – C Programming in a UNIX Environment – CS 3377.501
      Provided feedback on C++ programming assignments and bash scripts in terms of documentation, style, and functionality of code.
    • Fall 2017 – Automata Theory – CS 4384.001
      Graded assignments and exams, prepared and verified automata examples prior to lectures, and provided additional support to students outside of class.

Indiana University, Bloomington Department of Informatics and Computer Science

  • Undergraduate Researcher, STARAI Lab (July 2017 — July 2018)
    • Explored methods combining Natural Language Processing and Statistical Relational Learning for information extraction on SEC Form S-1 Documents.
    • Facilitated the public release of the lab’s source code onto GitHub, distributed as BoostSRL. Maintained the BoostSRL wiki and tutorials.
  • Undergraduate Researcher, ProHealth Research Experience for Undergraduates (May 2016 — August 2016)
    • Built on research which previously inferred adverse side-effects of drugs based on text data mined from the web. Our work focused on predicting drug-drug interactions from data mined from OpenFDA, PubMed, and a variety of Blogs.
  • Camp Counselor, SICE Summer Camp (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
    • Led sessions on intermediate Python programming, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, information security, and data analytics.
    • Introduced high school students to Indiana University’s campus, navigated them between sessions where they learned about computer science and informatics.

Publications and Poster Presentations

  • Alexander L. Hayes, Mayukh Das, Phillip Odom, and Sriraam Natarajan. 2017. User Friendly Automatic Construction of Background Knowledge: Mode Construction from ER Diagrams. Knowledge Capture Conference (K-CAP '17). December 4-6, 2017. Austin, TX, USA. Code .pdf
  • Alexander Hayes, Savannah Smith, Ciabhan Connelly, Devendra Dhami, and Sriraam Natarajan. 2016. Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions: Combining Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. ProHealth REU, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University. July 2016. Bloomington, IN, USA. — Code Poster
  • Aaron Porter and Alexander Hayes. 2016. Stress-Induced Video Capture: Forensic Capture for People with Visual Impairments. School of Informatics and Computer Science Spring Research Symposium. April 2016. Bloomington, IN, USA.