awesome-bib-builder: Scripts for transforming BibTeX files into markdown collections.


There’s a trend on GitHub where people build “awesome” lists of research papers, like awesome-spn or awesome-gradient-boosting-papers.

Screenshots from two lists. The left shows a list of sum-product network papers from 2019. The right shows gradient boosting papers from 2021. Snapshots from two awesome lists. (Left) sum-product network papers written in 2019. (Right) Gradient-boosting papers published in 2021.

Maintaining lists like these will get extremely tedious over time though. Ordering papers by year and topic means maintaining the same data in two locations.

This is exactly the problem I ran into when putting together notes on Bayesian Network papers I read:


Academics tend to like bibtex citations, so I thought it would make sense to turn a folder of .bib files into a structured markdown representation.